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Teen Patti Epic Apk: Hello Teen Patti Master Apk Reader’s, welcome back again here i am back with one more application by the very famous Company which is known as Taurus Cash and today we are going to talk about the Teen Patti Epic Apk. This Epic Teen Patti App was launched in the mid of September 2023 and every new user loved this apk.

In the Teen Patti Epic Apk all the new users get high signup bonus and the bonus will lie between ₹30 to₹120. All the registration bonus is usable in the game to win money and the winning amount is easily transferable direct into the bank account. The bonus is instant just after the person create account and the daily login bonus is also available.

My dear reader’s i love this apk because i love playing and inviting people to download Teen Patti Master and Teen Patti Gold as well. So, what basic need is that the apk we use should be legit and pay 100% sure and thsi apk does exactly what we require. So you must download the TeenPatti Epic Apk to try out and add minimum ₹500 to play the Dragon vs Tiger game and win money as well.

Why Teen Patti Epic ?

The makers of Teen Patti Epic Apk is Taurus Cash which created many application which are running smoothly and providing payout to their users as well. the money that we make from these applications are transferred into our bank account without any transfer fee.

Epic Teen Patti Apk provides more than 10 online card games and more than 5 Casino games as well. There is a refer and earn program, because these applications are made by one company so the referral income is also connected with each other so that we can withdraw from one place.

All the games that the 3 Patti Epic Apk provide all are playable. Some of them are skill based games and some of them are luck based the choice is yours which one you wanna play and win money.

How To Download Teen Patti Epic App ?

Dear Friends, the one thing we know is that to play games and make money in the epic 3 patti app we need to download the apk file. So, how you gonna download this teen patti epic apk is very entrusting task for all of your referrals and for you as well.

So the downloading this teen patti epic apk is very simple you just have to enter the teen patti epic official website and you can also get this apk at the Teen Patti Master site where you get all the other taurus gaming applications.

  1. Click here to visit the teen patti epic website.
  2. Tap on the download button.
  3. Apk will be downloaded in your mobile.

Create Account In Epic Teen Patti Apk

Dear Friends, Teen Patti Epic Apk will give you the registration bonus when you create the account in it. There will be instant $30 signup bonus and also the referral commission will be there when you invite your fr8iends.

The Daily login bonus along with the daily free spin and the Spin the wheel bonus on recharge is also available in this epic 3 patti apk.

How To Register & Get Signup Bonus ₹30

  1. Click here to visit Teen Patti master website.
  2. Go to the teen patti epic page.
  3. click on the download button.
  4. Accept extrenal file to download.
  5. Wait till the apk is downloading in your mobile.

Teen Patti Epic Apk: Refer and Earn System

Friends, as i already told you that the Teen Patti Epic apk is very similar to the teen patti master app and this apk also have a refer and earn program and all the apk are internally connected when it comes to the refer and earn income. So you can easily login into your refer and earn account in this epic teen patti apk as well.

Continue sharing your referral link in this apk as well and get ₹20 for every single new registration using your referral link.

You will also aearn 30% commission from the referrals recharge amount that means when ever your referrals make cahs deposit in the app you will earn 30% from that money.

The affiliate commission is also available and you can earn upto 30% commission from all the affiliates.

How To Refer and Earn

  1. Open the Teen Patti Epic App.
  2. Tap on teh Refer and Earn.
  3. Click on Login button.
  4. Login into your referral account.
  5. Copy and share your referral link.
  6. More you invite more you will earn.

What is Add Cash Option ?

The Add Cash option is available in the app so that the users who wants to play games by adding more money into the app. So that they can easily use tha add cash option to deposit money into the app and you will earn earn 30% from their add cash.

They can use the Add Cash button to deposit money into the app and then use that money to play games in the app and win m0ore money.

If they loose the signup bonus then also they can use the add cash button to deposit cash.

How To Deposit Cash Into the Teen Patti epic App

  1. Open the Teen Patti Epic App.
  2. Tap on the Add Cash button.
  3. Choose amount and continue.
  4. Again click add cash.
  5. Complete the transaction using any app.

Teen Patti Epic Apk FAQ

How To withdraw money into the bank account from teen patti epic app ?

To withdraw money from the Teen Patti Epic Apk you must have money in your wallet and th amount should be atleast ₹100 or more so that you can withdraw.

Follow the steps given below to complete the withdraw process:

  1. Open the Teen Patti Epic App.
  2. Tap on the withdraw button.
  3. Choose bank account or UPI.
  4. Enter the details according to your choice and save.
  5. Now choose withdraw amount.
  6. Finally tap on the withdraw button.

How Many people use the Teen Patti Epic App ?

Millions of people use this epic teen patti apk in India and many of them will be live now as well.

What is the registration bonus in Teen Patti Epic App ?

The registration bonus is around ₹30-₹120 that you will get as new user bonus and as daily login bonus for 7 days.

What is the minimum withdraw amount ?

The minimum amount that an user cam withdraw from teen patti epic app is ₹100 only.

How many payment methods are available in this app

Teen Patti Epic Apk has 2 withdrawal methods

  1. Bank Account
  2. UPI

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