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About Teen Patti Master Purana

Teen Patti Master Purana Apk
Teen Patti Master Purana Apk

Download Teen Patti Master Purana app and get 1500 ₹ joining bonus. Teen Patti Master Purana 2023 App is a very popular game in recent times. In which you can win very well by playing Teen Patti Game. Many people are already making money by playing games. I have also earned a lot by playing and referring Teen Patti Master Purana App. If you also want to earn money by downloading Teen Patti Master Purana App, then you have to read this post till the last, so that you can understand everything very well. Teen Patti Master Apk – Download Get Upto ₹2775 Real Cash

How To Download Master Teen Patt Purana App

 TeenPatti Master Purana Plus App Download is very easy. Download Teen Patti Master Purana Plus App, first of all you will get to see the Download button above, from there you can Download this app. Below I am telling you step by step how to Download from the official website.

  • First Open Any Browser in Your Phone
  • Search TeenPatti Master Purana Plus App
  • Click On First Official Website
  • Click On Download Buton And Install It

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How To Log In Teen Patti Master Purana

After opening the game in Teenpatti Master Purana Plus App, you will have to sign up by Entering your Mobile Number. Your Account creation will be Successful only by Signing up. And you will get 20 ₹ on signing up here. You will get two options of Sign in here, In TeenPatti Master Purana You can sign in Through your Mobile Number and Facebook And You  will have to verify by filling OTP in Mobile Number. You will be able to sign up in any way.

All Games In Teen Patti Master Purana   

  1. Point Rummy
  2. Andar Bahar 
  3. Crash
  4. Car Roulette
  5. Jandi Munda 
  6. Dreghan vs Tiger
  7. Explore Slote
  8. Safari Of Welth
  9. Slotes
  10. Golden India
  11. Bikini Paradise
  12. Let’s Party
  13. Mines 
  14. Cricket Heroes
  15. 7 Up Down
  16. Red vs Black 
  17. Horse Racing 
  18. Wingo Lottery 
  19. 3 Patti war 
  20. Candy Party
  21. Fishing War
  22. Zandu 
  23. Pot Blind
  24. Ak47 Teenpatti 
  25. Baccarat AB
  26. Muflis Teen patti 

Add Cash In Teen Patti Master Purana

In Teen patti Master Purana App 2023, you can earn money even without Adding Money. When you download Teenpatti Master Purana App, you will get some or the other Bonus, with this Bonus you can win by playing the Game. If you want to Earn More Money from Teenpatti Master Purana App, then you have to Add money and play. You can add money very easily in Teenpatti Master Purana App. Below, I am going to tell you about which app you can add money by making payment.

To Add Money in Teen patti Master Purana, you can add money by paying from your phone itself. You can also add money by paying from platforms like your Phone Pe, Paytm, Google Pay, QR Code. As soon as you add money in Teenpatti Master Purana App, you will get money immediately. And if you do not get the money even after making the payment, then you have to wait for 1 hour, even if you do not get the money, then go to the Customer Service and distribute the massage, so that your money will be refunded to you. And if still you do not get the money If there is any problem related to payment, then you can tell me by commenting, I will help you as much as possible.

How To Refer And Earn 

In Teen patti Master Purana you can earn money even without Adding money. Yes friends, you Heard right, you can Earn money even by referring to Teenpatti Master Purana. In Refer And Earn, you have to share your Download link with your friends. Freinds you will get 20 ₹ per Refer in Teenpatti Master Purana App. In This Game do not have any limit here, you can Earn Money by increasing as many Downloads as you want.

In TeenPatti Master Purana App can increase your Download by sharing the link of Teenpatti Master Purana App on your Social Media Paltform like Whats App Group, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram. Till now I have earned up to 2 Lakh rupees by referring Teenpatti Master Purana. If you Also want to Earn money like me, then Download Teen patti Master Purana today and start Earning money.

VIP Card Offer 

VIP Cards Program Available has been given inside this application. Under this, you are given two options of VIP Cards, 1. Weekly and 2. Monthly can become a member of the card. To become a member of both these cards, you have to invest money. Due to which you get money from this company for a long time. You will get the information of both the options given in this program in the following, then you must read the information given below.

Monthly Card Offer : Friends, a minimum of 3000 ₹ have to be invested to become a member of this card. And in this card, you can get a 1000₹ return. And one can claim 30 days daily for 100₹. Then in the 0whole month, you can do 4000₹ in Return Aspect.

Weekly Card Offer : To become a member of this card, you have to invest 500₹, then you can use it. Friends, 100₹ is returned to you in this card. And 7 days daily 80 ₹ can be claimed. Similarly, 660₹ Return Aspect can be done in the last 7 days.

Gullak Offer 

In Teen Patti Master Purana , you will get a very unique offer in which you can earn 10 ₹ for absolutely free. When you increase your Referal, then you will get one Gullak per Referal and you can earn 10 ₹ by breaking a Gullak every 10 minutes. Gullak has no limit. The more you refer, the more Gullak you will get. Suppose you refer 10 of your own, then you will get 10 Gullak, that means you will get 10 × 10 = 100 ₹, you will get this as a bonus. So Friends, you will also get to see this offer in Teen Patti Master Purana.

Daily Rewards

All you users get a free bonus of ₹ 180 in a week through Daily Rewards features in this gaming Teen Patti Master Purana Download. You can earn more by playing free games through ₹180 Free Bonus. To get free bonus you have to login to this Teen Patti Master Purana daily and claim free bonus.

Spin Wheel Offer

Friends, in Teen Patti Master Purana 2023 App, you will get to see Another offer, in which you will get one spin Absolutely free on Adding ₹ 300, in which you can get a Bonus of up to ₹ 2500. You have to Add only ₹300. And by doing one spin you will get Money of 2500, 1500, 500, 250, 100 ₹. Friends, you Will get at least ₹ 100, it is a very Bad offer. Which you can take Advantage of.

Withdrawal In Teen Patti Master Purana

If you want to do Cash Withdrawal in Teen Patti Master Purana App, then it is very easy by clicking on Withdraw Button, fill your Bank Account Details or UPI Details carefully and click on Withdraw.

  • To do Teenpatti Master Purana Withdrawal, click on the Withdraw option above.
  • Now submit by entering your name and email id .
  • After this, save the bank detail by entering it.
  • Now put the withdrawal amount and do the withdrawal by clicking on the button of withdrawal.
  • Minimum Withdraw Rs.300 

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